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This is a selection of callers from Australia. I don´t know a lot about all of them so I will mention those that I do – if anyone out there knows about the others I will be glad to hear from you. But if the dancing was a fun sounding in Australia as heard on these recordings back in the 50´s I would have loved to be there.

Eddie Carol:

Born In New South Wales, Eddie Carol was destined to become a Square Dance caller almost from the time he was born in the N.S.W. country town of Toronto. His mother played the fiddle and his father the cornet, and staying with the family was a caller from the New England district of America named Larry Dale. So square dances became a feature at the Carol home whenever any of their friends dropped by. From his father, a former champion cornet player of Australia, Eddie leart the musical background. Larry Dale belonged to the strict traditional chat school of calling, and his teaching was equally strict. He spent three years teaching young Eddie the theory of calling – the exact timing of every movement and figure – before he allowed him to call a dance. Eddie was an eager pupil and soon became a capable caller and convinced that square dancing was to be his life. After a visit to America he formed his own band The Corn Cobbers. His mentor in the Us was Joe Lewis of Dallas, Tx. And his motto is that as long as the dancers are happy he is happy. He regards that as his duty, and that’s a point he stresses to all other callers. To the dancers he says: Don´t take your dancing too seriously.

Jim Vickers Willis:

Was a very active caller in Australia – one year he called to over 200.00 dancers. He has trained 50 callers. His calling is a LOT of fun to listen to.