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I am a Square and Contra dance caller from Denmark who is interested in the history of Square and Contra dancing.

Over a number of years I have been collecting older square dance related material. Personally I find a lot of the older square dances and music more fun than some of the newer dance material – so the idea with this website is to share with other collectors or callers some of the material that I have.

In an attempt to preserve these gems, I have transferred the old 78´s onto cd´s after first cleaning them for as much surface noice, pops and cracks as I could. All the music included here are from the original 78 rpm records and many of the recordings are very rare indeed. It is my hope that by sharing this music, some of these dances and the music may live again.

with kindest regards

Stig Malmo

Phone: +45 60279444 (Denmark)
Mail: stig@squaredanceoldies.com